Basics And Benefits Of Using Windows RDP

Microsoft developed the proprietary protocol namely Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) with an aim to provide the graphical interface for users to connect with other computers over the connection. Every user of this protocol must employ the RDP client software and the other computer has to run RDP server software. The remote desktop protocol client software exists for Microsoft Windows including the Windows Mobile, Android, iOS, Linux, Unix and other operating systems. The server of the RDP must be built into the Windows OS. However, remote desktop protocol server for OS X and Unix also exists.

The Main Features

All beginners to Windows RDPs have to be aware of the main features of this protocol at first. This protocol support 8, 15, 16, 24 and 32 bit colors and uses the 128-bit encryption by using the algorithm RC4. There is an auto redirection facility in this protocol and designed to let users to process the audio on the remote desktop and redirected sound to the local computer. The file system redirection facility in this RDP assists users to use the local files on the remote desktop within their terminal session. You can use the printer redirection feature of this protocol to use your local printer within the terminal session. The port redirection facility lets all applications run within the terminal session for accessing the local serial and also parallel ports. The clipboard can be shared by the local and remote computer in this Windows RDP.

The sixth version of the Windows remote desktop protocol released by the Microsoft includes loads of features. Some of these features are as follows.

  • The complete support for remoting the applications of the Windows Presentation Foundation  and Aero Glass theme
  • Seamless Windows
  • Rewrite of the device redirection
  • Remote programs
  • Fully configurable and scriptable through the Windows Management Instrumentation
  • Terminal services gateway
  • Multiple monitor support
  • The overall support for the transport layer security on client and server ends

The seventh version of the Windows RDP provides the virtualized graphical processing unit support and also host-side encoding.

How To Use The Remote Desktop Connection And Connect To The Windows PC

Individuals who run the Windows operating system or the similar operating system can connect with another system by using the remote desktop connection. The remote desktop protocol is used by this application and designed to let users to use any resource of the host machine via the display of the personal computer. You have to enable the remote desktop connection on the Windows computer to which you like to connect with. Users of the Windows 10 can access and launch the remote desktop connection client from the Start Menu. If you use the Windows 7, then you have to launch the remote desktop connection.  Users of the Windows 8 can access the remote desktop connection from the Start screen.

Once you have opened this client, you have to type the name of the computer to which you connect and choose the Connect button. The next step is to sign in on the remote Windows computer and let the client to connect to the remote computer. If the connection process is completed, you can see the remote machine in your computer screen. You can give the mouse and keyboard to the remote machine and close the window to close the connection.

The Most Exceptional Benefits 

Every business owner likes to be successful in their business niche and thinks about how to efficiently use their resources. They search for the effective method to lower the cost of production and improve the IT section in their business in different aspects. They can get the remote desktop connection and fulfil their wishes about the business development in different aspects.

In general, a remote desktop connection is a good option for business of any size to improve the business. This is because this remote desktop connection gives every employee to use the best facilities and work remotely while reducing the IT expenses in different aspects. If you have decided to get the best IT solutions devoid of the high capital investment, then you can prefer and use the remote desktop connection.

Work From Home Or On The Go

Many companies these days let their employees to work from home and access company’s resources through the remote desktop connection. These companies get a good improvement in the overall production and make employees satisfied. It is the suitable time to virtualized the computer in your company and make it accessible through the employees’ computers. You can use this smart approach to let your personnel to be productive regardless of the location.


Safety is a key to the success of the business when your business data virtualized. There is no need to think about any solution which puts your business information at risk. You get a team of professionals to maintain the server when you use a service to get the remote desktop connection. This team makes certain that the overall virtual environment is updated with the advanced security fixtures on a regular basis. There is no need to worry about your business data. This is because you can get the environment which backs up the data and lets users to recover the information when it is ever lost.

Easy Access And Management

Every user of the remote desktop connection in their business environment can connect to their data from anywhere at any time. They can access their data without a requirement for installing the software on their own computer. They also quit the requirement to travel with flash drives and carry their information with them. All aspects of the network can be properly managed in real-time from the remote location when you use the remote desktop connection. Users of this facility can edit permissions to any group of users and restrict their access to different things on their desktop. They feel happy to manage the network as a whole by efficiently using this facility.

Basics And Benefits Of Using Windows RDP