Getting Cell Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

Telemarketing is one of the effective marketing strategies used by many companies and businesses today. As the name suggests, it is the used of phones to market a product or service or promote a brand. In this marketing strategy, a company calls potential customers or even existing customers to tell them about their products or services or to pass important information about their brands to them. It is a voice marketing done over the phone. This kind of marketing strategy has been proved to be very effective if well done by a well-trained market. This explained why it is highly utilized in different industries including security, charity, traveling, communication industries and others. Telemarketing gives a lot of advantages to the businesses that are using it. First, you can determine your customer’s interest in your product/service. It also provides you with the opportunity to interact with your customer, answer their questions and clear their confusion about any aspects of your business.

However, despite the numerous advantages of telemarketing, it has some disadvantages and one of the ugly sides of this marketing strategy is the difficulty involved in getting the cell phone numbers of your prospective customers as well as your current customers. Telemarketing cannot happen with cell phone. It is the medium through which it is carried out. Getting cell phone numbers can be difficult but it is not an impossible task to do. There are different ways through which one can obtain cell phone numbers for telemarketing. In this piece, I am going to explain the various ways through which you can obtain the cell phone numbers of your targeted audience for the purposes of marketing your product.

Ways of getting cell phone numbers for telemarketing

Purchasing cell phone number database (in spam tools shop, for example)

Contemporary information technology as well as the improvement in computer technology has made things much easier for humanity.  In the context of our discussion, today, there are cell phone number list databases that contain both national and international phone numbers. You can find these databases on the internet. They are available in different capacity with varying sizes. The larger the size of the database the more cell phone numbers it will contain. So, if you want to get as many cell phone numbers as possible, you should look for one with large database.

Purchasing cell phone number database remains the easiest way of getting a large number of mobile numbers within few minutes. However, the problem with it is that you may be charged for sending unsolicited commercials or messages. SMS/MMS or telemarketing is always permission-based meaning that you need to obtain the permission of a person before sending any message to their phone number. If you purchase mobile number lists and send commercial messages to them, you may end up annoying the recipient. Some can even file a lawsuit against you. However, the truth is that a good number of customers don’t bother about the messages that come to their cell phone. So, if you are purchasing phone list, you should really apply high level of diligence.

Getting cell phone numbers through mobile opt-in

Given that telemarketing is permission-based, it is important that you obtain the consent of your targeted audience before sending any commercial messages to their mobile phone. Meeting them one by one to get their consent can be a herculean and time consuming task which may be impossible for some people to carry out. One of the ways of getting the permission of both your current and prospective customers is the use of opt-in marketing which can be carried out through different means. As implicit from the term, consumers in this strategy give their consent for commercial messages to be sent to them. In opt-in, a business asks for the contact of their consumers. If a consumer freely gives out their mobile number, it implies that they have given the business the permission to send them voice, SMS and MMS messages. There are different ways of getting your consumers phone numbers free of charge. Here are some of these ways.

Using lead magnet

Lead magnet remains one of the acceptable means of getting mobile numbers of your customers from them directly and not through any secondary source. Today, many consumers patronize businesses that give them incentives and discounts. You can provide incentive to your consumers in an exchange for their contact details or mobile phone numbers. This is what is known as lead magnet. It is a reward which a business gives to its current and potential customers in exchange for their phone numbers or other contact information such as emails.

If you are applying this method, it is essential that you do it properly so that you will reap the fruit. But if you don’t apply it right, you may not get anything from it. Here are some of the strategies that you should apply when using lead magnet as a means of getting cell phone numbers.

Give out a problem solving lead magnet

The best way to make a lead magnet irresistible to consumers is to make it to be a solution to a problem consumers are having. In other words, it should be problem solving. It has to be something that consumers really want. No matter the incentive you provide to consumers, if it is not something that will be useful to them, it will not attract or appeal to them. To make it work effectively, lead magnet has to solve a real problem.

Deliver on the promise

Create a lead market that not only promises but delivers on the promise. This implies that your lead market should help your consumer to achieve something. This point relates to what has been said above on lead magnet being a solution to a problem.

Create a lead magnet about something specific

The more specific your lead magnet is, the more efficient it will be in converting leads. So, when creating a lead magnet, it is essential that you make it more specific rather than making it something general.

High perceived and actual value

It is good for the perceived and actual value of your lead market to be high.

Immediate accessibility

Your lead market will yield the expected result if it can be instantly accessible. Consumers want something that will be delivered to them right away. They don’t want promises that will be delivered in a distant time. So, if you want to make it more attractive, create something that will give instant result.

No matter the strategy you are using for your lead magnet, the rule of the thumb is to make it more appealing and attractive.

Personal connections

Your personal connections should be your basic starting point. You already know some people whose phone numbers are in your contact list. Some of these people definitely will want to support your business. You can start from them. Let them know that you would want to add them in your cell phone number list. You can also solicit their help by requesting them to talk to the people know or their friends into opting for your SMS commercial. If you are lucky, you will get some phone numbers through your personal connections.

Websites and blogs

Your business website or blog if you have any is another veritable avenue of getting cell phone numbers of your prospective customers and that of your current customers. This will not take you anything or require any extract effort from you. All you have to do is to include instructions for your opt-in in your website or blog posts and articles. But you have to be professional while doing so. Do ask the visitors to your website or blog to leave their numbers for you. Many people don’t like giving out their phone numbers to businesses they are dealing with or to any person. For example, if your blog post is on health, you can write, to get more short tips on how to maintain a healthy personality, kindly signup for our mobile message (kindly leave your phone number here). Other examples are:

For person-person conversation on this, kindly leave your phone here.

A member of our staff will call to answer all your questions and clear your confusions

We will be glad to further assist you in case you need more help. Kindly provide us with your phone number for a member of our staff to contact you.

Your call for opt-in message will depend on the content of your post or website or your current topic of discussion. However, no matter what you are discussion, you have to be very professional. Don’t give the impression that you are collecting the numbers to be sending commercial messages to the subscribers. If you create such impression, believe me, not many of your reader will give their contact details.

Use the social media

The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are great means of connecting with your prospective customers and obtaining their cell phone in a legally acceptable manner. Today, many businesses are using the social media to connect with their current and prospective customers. Experience has shown that it is very effective. If you are already using the social media for marketing purposes, you can also use it to obtain phone numbers of your fans and friends free of charge. The strategy is similar to what has been discussed above. Just request for their cell phone in the manner mentioned above. Definitely, you will get the contact of many of them if you are making posts that they found valuable.

Some people go the extra mile of searching the profile pages of their friends and fans in order to obtain their phone numbers from their pages. This may work for you but it is time consuming and also has the same disadvantages associated with purchasing cell phone number list. You get their numbers without their consent and they may not be happy if they start receiving messages from your business. Some may immediately opt-out and remove you from their contact list. Besides, taking the pains to get the phone numbers from their profile page may not yield any fruit because some people give contacts that they are not using. Some profile pages are not up to date. So, there is no need wasting your time searching for phone numbers. Request for them in a professional manner and you are likely to get some.

Emails and newsletters

Are you already into email marketing? If the answer to the above question is yes, know that they are great avenues of getting phone numbers. At the end of every email message, include a call-to-action or instruction for SMS/MMS opt-in. Readers who are interested are likely to join. But as earlier mentioned, you need to be honest and professional about that. Let them know why you are requesting for their numbers.

Include your contact cell phone number in your Bill Board

Are you into banner and bill board advertising? Whether it is online or offline, use it as a platform to request for opt-in message or to give out your contact numbers to consumers to contact you when they are in a need for any information regarding your products/services. In this way, you will get their numbers. Also make sure that your product label has your contact details.

Ask your customers to register for exclusive text messaging

You can further help your business more by requesting your customers to join your exclusive text messaging. However, it is not always easy to get many numbers through this means. You have to offer them some incentive in order to get them. May be you can establish a text messaging discount club and give certain percentage off to members of the club. Definitely, a good number of your customers will join the club in order to get the discount you are offering them.

These are some of the ways you can get cell phone numbers of your current and prospective clients.

Getting Cell Phone Numbers for Telemarketing