Turbo Mailer Is Specially Designed to Send Bulk Emails In a Single Click

A powerful and best in class option which is been used to send bulk emails such as newsletters and personalized circulars through Turbo Mailer. It is the method which is easy to follow in spite of its extraordinary features and it has eventually made the process of sending mass emails easily. It carries most powerful options like insertion of the texting variables found in tables, professional log files and also HTML mails and along with that the address of the email may also get imported and easily calculated from the files or tables list. Turbo Mailer is also denoted as full – featured software and after installing this software even the first mail can be sent within a minute. Creation of HTML emails along with the web – linked pictures is not a matter in this software. Personalizing the message is the other feature which helps to insert different texts per recipient from the columns of excel and also from the CSV tables.  

Key specialties 

Turbo Mailer software is bound up with numerous specialties and some initialized features are discussed above and here we shall see other interesting features. The first and the foremost feature will be the intuitive user interface which helps the user to work effectively. Next will be the HTML and text editor which makes the user to perform editing process without any hindrance. Address list processor which is very powerful will be an astonishing advantage in Turbo Mailer software. These are the few highly essential key factors which can be seen while using Turbo Mailer software.  

Another benefit which makes the user to fly is that it does not have any limits based on size and the length of the email and attachments to be sent. Just by clicking the mouse single time a set of email list can be combined and computed. The address books such as outlook can be imported here and automatic auto dialing up and hang up option in the modem is highly helpful to save connection fees accordingly. This particular mailer can be controlled easily with the help of command line and this vital task is performed by batch option. The mail which is being transferred is highly secure here especially SSL/TLS SMTP transfer is greatly secured.  

  • Periodic reconnection of SMTP 
  • Partial transmission of files 
  • List manager of email address 
  • Option to reduce traffic – BCC option Unicode mail transferring service 

These points can also be added with the key specialties of Turbo Mailer as they help the program to act unique when compared to all other software in market. 


After reading the above benefits now, you will be tempted to use such user friendly software and there are several ways to download this software simply. At our website you can purchase Turbo Mailer software which can be used based on the need of your business. Finally, enjoy using Turbo Mailer and send bulk mails simply and effortlessly now. 

Turbo Mailer Is Specially Designed to Send Bulk Emails In a Single Click