What Is an SMTP Server?

Actually, the SMTP server is an application that’s main job is to send, receive and transmit the outgoing mail between the email senders and receivers. This server will also have an address that can be setting by the mail client or an application that you use and is commonly configured as smtp.serveraddress.com. Commonly, you can find your SMTP server address in the settings or account section of your email client. When you transfer an email, this SMTP server can practices your email and selects the server to send the messages to and transmits the message to that server. The inbox service provider of recipient such as Gmail then downloads a message and places it in the inbox of a recipient.

Is SMTP Server Is As Same As Normal Server?

Of course, technically, it is same. Like many other servers, the SMTP server also processes the date to transfer to another server, but it has very particular purpose of processing the date regarding the sending, receiving and transmitting of an email. Now, every company can use a quality SMTP server for sending their newsletter campaigns. Also, this SMTP server is not essential on a machine; because it is just an application that consistently runs in the looking forward of directing a new mail.

Why SMTP Servers Are So Essential?

Without using inbox SMTPs, your email will not reach it to its destination. Once you tap a ‘Send’ button, your email sends into a string of code, which is sent to the SMTP server. The main objective is to be able to process that code and permit on a message. If the SMTP server was not there to process a message, it will be missing in transformation. In addition to, the SMTP server can checks that the outgoing email is from the active account and also serves as an initial safeguard your inbox from the illegal email. However, this notifies the sender that they have a wrong email address or that their email is being blocked by the receiving sender.

Excellent Features Of SMTP Server

The simple mail transfer protocol is primarily a communication protocol for sending messages on the internet. The excellent features of SMTP server are given below:

Servers You Can Faith

Normally, the SMTP servers can transfer your emails by using a secure SSL connection. In addition to, this server is lightning very fast.

Dedicated IP Addresses

It uses the dedicated IP address to maximize your sender reputation and also prevent the blacklisting of your internet protocol; because of someone else’s actions.


The SMTP services usually produce the sending reports and also deliver the error reports. However, the entire reports can be downloaded to your system.


For every mailing list, you can find the quantity of messages sent out, the amount of conversations made, number of links clicked and also several other details.

Not Interested Subscribers

If the person who have unsubscribed, even if they are on a mailing inventory they will not get any mails of yours.

DKIM And SPF Records

You just show that it is actually your own organization and domain transferring a message and reduce the count of messages, which are marked as spam by using the special cryptographic signatures, i.e. DKIM and SPF.

Top Reasons For Setting Up Your Own SMTP Server For Your Business

For business applications, using your personal SMTP server is an ideal choice for the number of reasons such as:

  • You are not restricted to a set quantity of emails that you can send on a daily or hourly basis.
  • You just know what happens to your email, after you click on send button.
  • You are not limited by third party ToCs.
  • SMTP server is most cost effective option.
  • Your email lists are kept private and are beneath your complete control.
  • You can able to share your server with more than 200 marketers.

When you are setting up your own SMTP server, you have to be more careful to stop being filtered out as spam. But this is obviously true with the complete email marketing, whether or not you can use your own servers. Therefore, the SMTP servers can always ensure that the mails can reach out the recipients as safely and efficiently as possible.

Advantages Of Using SMTP Server

The SMTP servers are usually employed by the browsers like Yahoo, Gmail and others are shared among the users. In many cases, this is an excellent solution, but when you are transferring out the mass emails, it can be an issue. You may also end up by using the IP addresses in order to send your messages, which are also used by a spammer and can cause them not to be conveyed properly. So by setting up your own SMTP server, these problems are avoided, since you will have your own dedicated IP address for your personal use and also no other restrictions on the count of emails, which you can send out. Some of the major advantages of using SMTP server are given below:

  • SMTP usually offers a simple mode of interacting via email messages between the different systems in a specific network.
  • It also provides more reliability in terms of outgoing email messages.
  • Since, SMTP is made from the easy platform, so email messages can be sent as quickly and easily as possible.
  • With SMTP server, most of the organizations and companies might opt to have a dedicated server to handle out the entire outgoing email messages.
  • The SMTP server will always attempt to resend the same emails, until the transmission becomes more successful.


Overall, the SMTP server can manage themselves and also play an invaluable role in the modern businesses. If you would like to place together on email marketing campaign that is completely operational and fully professional, you just want to set up your own SMTP server, which is an amazing choice to deliberate beside with the particular providers of these kinds of services.

What Is an SMTP Server?