What Is SMTP IP Address?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This protocol can be often used to transfer an email programs such as Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook and so on. The web address used for SMTP servers are like “smtp.servername.com” or “mail.servername.com”. In order to transfer an email, you want to organize the mail structure simply using the IP address. If you exactly recognize the code of a SMTP server, you can simply retrieve the SMTP server IP address by just following the given steps:

Tap on a ‘Start’ menu, enter ‘Run’ press ‘Enter’ and then type ‘cmd’ again press Enter button

Now, a command prompt will open in a fresh window

Then, type ping space SMTP server name. For instance “ping mail.servername.com” and tap “Enter”. This command attempt to contact the SMTP server via IP address and you will obtain the following response:

Pinging mail.servername.com [x.x.x.x] with 32 bytes of data

Here, the “x.x.x.x” will be an IP address of your simple mail transfer protocol server. You can simply utilize this IP address as your outbound mail server, while forming the email program. However, this SMTP feature is assisted with the entire hosting plans.

How to find the SMTP server IP address?

Primarily, the SMTP server is a machine that takes care of a complete email delivery process. That is why; to send your messages with software or an email client, first of all, you want to arrange the accurate SMTP settings. More specifically, the perfect SMTP address you are using. When it comes to finding your own IP mail server address, you just take a look at below things and gather the most common SMTP parameters or contact your internet service provider, in case if it is not listed.

  • Initially, you should remember anyway that the standard servers commonly come with the strict limits in terms of how much emails you can send and how much addresses you can handle each day.
  • If you are planning to transfer the bulk emails, you must surely swap to a professional IP SMTP server, which allows you to bring about the countless messages and also assure the great deliverability.

Service configuration of SMTP

The SMTP service is a main service of the Email Architect server. It actually functions with the help of remote SMTP server or email clients depend on the protocol. This simple mail transfer protocol utilizes 25 ports to agree the mail from email client. Thus, you should open 25 ports for incoming connection; otherwise you cannot even receive any email from the outbound domains.

Common settings

IP address- By default, the POP3/SMTP/IMAP4/Remote Object Call services listen on the entire IP addresses of a server. In many cases, you do not even have to alter this setting. In order to create this service to listen on certain internet protocol address, you need to alter the IP address field in the following way:

If you wish to bind several addresses in this service,

Then input:,,

Here, the most essential thing to notice is having your SMTP service constantly connects to 25 ports. Actually, 25 is a pattern port to agree the outbound email. If SMTP service will not connects on to 25 ports, then this service cannot even receive any email from the outbound domains.

How to setup IP and configure SMTP server?

Organizing the iPGMail to transfer mail via a custom SMTP server will allows the app to transfer accurately formatted PGP/MIME messages. In default, the iOS mail client cannot even be built to transfer a correct header that can cause the mail readers such as Enigmail fail and GPGMail, while attempting to interpret the messages. However, it is possible to transfer the PGP messages with a default iOS mail client, but these messages are not accurately formatted based on the PGP/MIME specification. Still, many of the mail readers are able to read and interpret the messages in anyway.

SMTP configuration

The settings for your outbound SMTP server are defined by your mailing provider. Of course, getting it to work accurately needs you identify out a right factor from your mail service provider. Many internet service providers such as Apple, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. have websites, where they will discuss you perfectly on what settings have to use.


Many of the SMTP servers are needed specific username/password authentication, before they will enable you to send an email. Normally, the username is your default email address.


It is a password for your mail server, but not your PGP key password.

Lookup settings

Based on the email address domain used in the section of “username”, this app will try to lookup the exact SMTP mail settings. Here, the settings found are not assured to be perfect. If a perfect match is discovered, you can simply utilize the “Test Settings” button to check that they will work. If it fails, you might need to go online and search for your mail provider’s exact SMTP server settings.

Email address

Some of the email providers are enabling you to set a specific email address that is unique from the username. By default, it is as same as username, but you might set an alternative email address, if your mail provider permits for it. If you obtain errors while sending a mail with an alternative address, you just want to create this the same as SMTP username address.

SMTP server

This is a host name or IP address of SMTP server. This can either be a dotted IP address ( or a name (smtp.gmail.com).


When you are connecting to a server, you just use an IP port number.


This must be always enabled. It also allows for the encrypted communication with a SMTP server. The entire main mail providers assist TLS. However, it is highly suggested that you left this swap enabled; otherwise you might face threat revealing your mail username and password through the internet.


Basically, it is required for Google mail services, while you have dual factor authentication enabled. For some other mail services, it must be possibly disabled.

What Is SMTP IP Address?