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SSH Tunnels

SSH Tunnels

Nologins / SSH Tunnels / VPN over SSH

During system maintenance and configuration, it is always a problem for system administrators to stop any authorized login into a system. With Nologins (VPN over SSH) or widley know as SSH Tunnels, system administrators are able to stop all logins to the system. Nologin is software or program which system administrators can use to disable login. If login is disabled, the system will display message showing that the account is not available and cannot be accessed. A typical example of such a message is "only superusers are allowed to login at this time due to the presence of the file /etc/nologin and Nologin option set in/etc/default/security -=+ SYSTEM MAINTENANCE +=- This system (hprdc185) is undergoing system maintenance. We expect to return to full service on Thursday morning at 9 a.m. Pacific Time. Thank you." The message displayed is meant to serve as a replacement shell field to prevent a non superuser from gaining access into the account.  Nologin is available in a number of versions each having its unique features. In this web page of our website, you will find different versions of Nologins available for sale in our website. If you are a system administrator, you have to purchase a version that will suit you. The ones we sell are of great qualities and they have low price tag.


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