Payment & Delivery


We accept Perfect Money, Bitcoin and Altcoins as payment.

Accepted Altcoins / Alt coins, as alternative cyrptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Ether Classic, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin.

Perfect Money payments will be accepted using a payment gateway named PM LIVE CHAT. Our Transaction Agent will assist the payment, making sure the payment is securely protected. After that "the delivery is just around the corner". You can select this payment method after checking out the Shopping Cart.

However, we highly recommend Bitcoin or Altcoin, always available, and accepted automatically.

Affiliate Program members, please Contact Us at the end of your campaigns.


Delivery Information

Delivery will take place in up to 24 hours after payment is made.

If you don't receive the email with your order please check the SPAM/BULK folder.

Check the Downloads section or go to Order History within your account, we only deliver virtually.

Please remember that we always test our products before delivery.


PerfectMoney Bitcoin
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