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Improvement in the mobile technology has resulted in the development of a number of mobile phone based software and applications. One of such software is SMS software. As the name already tells you, it is a type of software used to manage SMS which is an acronym for short message service. SMS software is available in different packages with different functionalities and features. With these software packages, SMS marketers are able to send and receive bulk messages. SMS software also allows users to add and manage as many mobile phone numbers as possible. With some SMS software packages, one will be able to use text file or CSV file to upload a list of mobile phones. Some SMS software packages come with more enhanced features. For example, there are new SMS software packages that can spot and delete duplicated mobile numbers automatically. There are also some packages that have features that make it possible for users to send out bulk messages at a particular time or days. With some Bulk SMS software packages, it is possible to send message in bulk through a national mobile network as well as international mobile network. Here, we have quality SMS software packages with outstanding features which will be useful to you in your SMS marketing campaign. They are efficient and also affordable.

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